sgt dunbar

Sgt Dunbar’s Hobo Banned may be a collective form Albany, NY but their sound is more akin to the strange bouillabaisse that’s been brewing in the New Orleans Bywater neighborhood of late: 2 parts continental gypsy, 1 part Balkan folk, a pinch of Swordfishtrombones, with a healthy dash of On Avery Island.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been spinning “Everything Is, Pt. III”, on the radio show, with repeated inquiries as to its origin. Here are the deets: it’s off the group’s most recent release, the EP A March Through Charles Mingus’ Garbage Pile. Alright, carry on.

MP3: Sgt Dunbar :: Everything Is, Pt III

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3 Responses to “Sgt Dunbar :: Everything Is, Pt III”

  1. Thanks to the Aquarium Drunkard. Because the EP and a song on the EP are the same, finding the EP on Amazon can be a challenge. Thanks for posting the link to the song “A March Through Charles Mingus Garbage Pile.” The link for the EP, “Charles Mingus’ Gabage Pile is at:

    Thanks for getting our music out there.

  2. you had me at swordfishtrombones.

  3. I love these guys. Great songs, total immersion in the sound, and their live show is incredible. If they come through your town it is advised to drop everything and go see them.

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