Guided By Voices brazil tribute

Yeah, so the new Boston Spaceships LP is the shit. Doubters and skeptics need to seriously step up and give old uncle Bob a listen.  In other GBV news we just profiled Isolation Drills, sooo this seems like as good a time as any to post a couple tracks from Don’t Stop Now the new Brazilian tribute to Guided By Voices. A fun, free, ride through the GBV canon that can be downloaded over at Transfusão Noise Records. Viva Pollard.

MP3: Sabiá Sensivel :: June Salutes You
MP3: Telerama :: Game Of Pricks

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4 Responses to “A Brazilian Tribute To Guided By Voices”

  1. The last Boston Spaceships album is the shit too—I have them both playing nonstop right now. Thanks for this.

  2. That tribute is so bad. In the wrong way, I’m afraid.

  3. I like it actually. I no longer have to imagine what it would sound like for Astrud Gilberto to sing GBV…

  4. […] its nostalgia phase in the last few years, and next to the new record was a tribute album (one of several, in fact) that featured the likes of Thurston Moore and Crooked Fingers covering GBV classics from […]

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