Transylvanian Sublet, A Halloween Mixtape

We are Mondo Boys – a NY/LA mixtape/sound collage collaborative. We’re back to fuck with your Halloween, just like you knew we would. Here’s 27 minutes of spooky weirdness. Look for our autumn mixtape soon. Mucho take it easy. — MB

(mondo boys are: m. schanzlin, j. gage, m. griffin, and n. punwar)

Zipper Folder: Transylvanian Sublet, A Halloween Mixtape

+ Broadcast & The Focus Group: Royal Chant
+ Gorillaz: M1A1
+ Grizzly Bear feat Wendy Carlos: I Live With You
+ Flaming Lips feat. Goblins: Silver Trembling Hands
+ Beatles: Helter Skelter
+ Charlotte Gainsbourg feat. Grizzly Bear: IRM
+ RJD2 & Others: Chicken-Bone Circuit
+ Angelo Badalamenti feat Agent Dale Cooper: Twin Peaks Theme
+ The Ramones: Pet Semetary
+ Dead Mans Bones: Lose Your Soul
+ Blur: Caravan
+   Dr. John feat. the Beach Boys: I Walk On Gilded Splinters
+ Broadcast & The Focus Group: The Be Colony
+ David Lynch: Dark Night of the Soul
+ Beck: The Information
+ White Rabbits: Reprise
+ Screaming Lord Sutch: Jack the Ripper

22 thoughts on “Transylvanian Sublet, A Halloween Mixtape

  1. I can’t wait for this to download as I had no idea the Beach Boys ever joined the Dr. on one of my favourite songs ever. Awesome.

  2. Haha, I got a little bit too excited and was a little bit let down to realize it was too good too be true. They sound great mixed, though.

  3. Thanks again! Enjoyed the Weird Summer mix immensely. Looking forward to this and the upcoming Autumn one.

  4. Amazing as usual, the only critique I have is I wish you would have drawn out the transition from Silver Trembling Hands into Helter Skelter longer. Those two songs synced up quite well.

  5. Listening to this again – 11:40 in – cool overlay of “i get up” and “gonna lose your soul”. This mixtape is frikken brilliant. Brilliant!

  6. The link for the zipfile does not work.
    Anyway, thank you for sharing and keep having fun and makings us have some!
    All the best.

  7. kudos, mondo boys.

    any chance you can re-up the halloween mixtape?

    especially with halloween on the swing back.

    thanks duders

  8. Will this be reposted for 2k10?!? Love the other Mondo Boy mixes (Tidal Wave, Weird Summer, et al) but can’t find this one? Help?

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