internationalheroesWaxed around the time he produced legendary recordings by the Modern Lovers it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best albums from the ubiquitous Kim Fowley. Son of actor Douglas Fowley, Fowley produced the novelty hit “Alley Oop” in 1960, then went on to release some commercially unsuccessful solo albums, produced and wrote more oddities for other artists (including Kiss) and eventually unleashed the Runaways on the world. And that’s just to name a few. He even found time to write songs with Skip Battin, which were recorded by the Byrds (Untitled LP) and Gene Parsons.

Those who’ve worn out their copies of Roxy Music/Eno/Bowie albums will be thrilled to exhume this forgotten (read: widely unknown) specimen of oddball glam. Judging from the cover, he didn’t want to leave anyone guessing about the sound he was shooting for. This platter plays like an instant classic, falling into some no man’s land somewhere between Roxy Music and the New York Dolls. Like Eno, he’s often playing post-punk years before it existed, but Fowley’s songs are looser and more accessible, sure to get you hooked on the first spin. “Something New” is simply a perfect pop song with a great update on a Byrdsian jangle feel. “I Hate You” is a gloomy slice of contempt that’ll leave you feeling good about your shitty mood. There are nice female soul/gospel backings throughout. “Dancing All Night” rocks like a garbage can bound outtake from Sticky Fingers.

International Heroes is yet another example of an exceptional rock & roll record that is in dire need of a remastered CD release (though it is on iTunes). Good luck finding any cheap copies on ebay. words / j bonanno

MP3: Kim Fowley :: International Heroes (vinyl rip)
MP3: Kim Fowley :: E.S.P. Reader (vinyl rip)

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5 Responses to “Kim Fowley :: International Heroes”

  1. well spotted, found this second hand here in London in the summer, love it played it to death… not met anyone remotely familiar with it, except Mott the Hoople freaks on the net (they cover a track apparently). Nice to know it is loved elsewhere… If they re-release it, I hope they use this art, the UK cover is nothing like as cool as the US version

  2. Saw Kim at @ the Monkees film fest @ the Egyptian on Hollywood a few weeks back. He looked sharp as hell.

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