Drugstore Cowboy 1989

Bob, the protagonist in Gus Van Sant’s Drugstore Cowboy, lived by a simple code:  Never mention dogs (“to even mention a dog would have been a hex in itself”).  Never look at the back of a mirror (“because you’re looking at your inner self and you don’t recognize it, because you’ve never seen it before“), and never, under no circumstances, should a hat ever be placed on a bed. Doing so would bring “fifteen years of bad luck, or even death.” We all know how that worked out for Bob.

January 26th sees the release of Citay’s third LP, Dream Get Together, the San Francisco groups second album on the Dead Oceans label. “Careful With That Hat” is the album’s opener — one can only assume they know of, and heed, junkie Bob’s code.

MP3: Citay :: Careful With That Hat

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4 Responses to “Citay :: Careful With That Hat”

  1. Not to be “that guy” but if you’re going to quote a Gus Van Sant film in the first line of your post, you might as well spell his name right.

  2. noted! thx

  3. No sweat. Great tune, too.

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