Depending on his mood Jens Carelius (provenance, Norway) incorporates a singing style somewhere between Bert Jansch and secular-era Cat Stevens. His sophomore album, The Beat of The Travel, released earlier this year, wavers between pastoral folk jams and ethereal brushes of If I Could Only Remember My Name era David Crosby. The wintry, haunted closing track, “Strange Roads,” with its expansive, multi-tracked harmonies has been on constant repeat the past couple of weeks. Highly recommended.

MP3: Jens Carelius :: Strange Roads
MP3: Jens Carelius :: The Beat of The Travel

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3 Responses to “Jens Carelius :: The Beat of The Travel”

  1. I dig both licks, but am actually liking the particularly Jansch-y “The Beat of the Travel” a bit better. Great stuff either way.

  2. Agreed with Crosby, Beat of Travel had that really striking, oaky guitar, but both were kick arse.

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