Jonathan Richman :: Los Angeles, December 8th @ The Mint

jonathan richman

Jonathan Richman is doing a string of nights at the Mint December 8-10 (next week).   I have a pair of tickets for an AD reader for the night of the 8th. Leave a comment below with your name and email to enter. Also, separately, enter to win the Vapor Records Richman discography on CD or vinyl.

51 thoughts on “Jonathan Richman :: Los Angeles, December 8th @ The Mint

  1. I used to listen to Jonathan Richman as I trudged through the snow near Government Center, where they ‘put the stamps on the letters.’ Bring me back to Boston in spirit, please!

  2. I’d like to enter to win the vinyl please. And if I were in LA I would love to see Jonathan. Alas I live on the east coast.

  3. Most interested in the discs. Because I’m on the East Coast, the ticket won’t do me much good.

    My jeans, they are a-frayin’!

  4. I’m too far away for the show, so I’m hoping for the CD collection.

    Thanks very much!

  5. Would love the discog – vinyl or cd either is fab – but there’s an Atlantic between me and the gig – shame !

  6. I live three blocks from the Mint! Pick me!

    And I’m in for CD’s, please. The turntable at home, she is very sick…

  7. I recently took my first trip to Boston. Walking the streets and riding the subway to places like “Government Center” brought all these Jonathan Richman songs into perspective. I kept hearing them in my head through my whole trip.

    Thanks for letting me enter.

  8. I’d like to enter the draw for the CD discography.

    I first saw JoJo 15 years ago in London, doing a solo show in a room above The Garage. I was blown aware – amazing songs and a mesmerising performance. I’ve seen him a few times since and it’s always a fun night out. Last year in Dublin was one of the most amazing times, when he played so many fun songs and was battling with a noisy crowd, then right at the end he played “As My Mother Lays Lying”, a beautiful paean to his dying mother – such brutal honesty – I was floored. Astonishing !

  9. Was into Jonathon Richman as a teen in the late 70’s “Radio radio and eygption reggie” (sp) Love to get the CDS. Oh yeah Monster on the bus!

  10. vinyl collection would be oh so nice. i see him live whenever he comes around, but i can’t make those dates.

  11. …I’d like to enter, as well as, get two tickets for me and a recently unemployed co-worker…we’re both HUGE FANS and don’t wanna miss the show! Please!

  12. I love Jonathan Richman. I’d like to enter for the Mint (if it’s not too late) and/or the vinyl discography. Thank you!

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