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dirt dress

There’s a certain thrill in walking into a club to a new sound that instantly grabs you; when your first reaction, before bobbing your head, is to ask yourself, “Where do I get more of this?” Dirt Dress puts on such a show, and luckily, to the initial listener, their recorded output is just as captivating.

Presently in the midst of a 3-part (cassette-only) series entitled, Perdido en la Suciedad (part 1 & 2 out on Papermade), Dirt Dress are crafting catchy, challenging and unclassifiable rock. The comparisons they garner (from ’50s rock and garage to nascent punk) are scattered, yet all justifiable in their own way. At times lyrically ambiguous,   Dirt Dress operate in a sound that while slightly muffled is always tight. Even the cassettes more ambient tracks (“Untitled” from Part 1, “Some Velvet Morning” from Part 2) work within the confines of the greater whole.

Dirt Dress, and this series, are only getting stronger. Catch them live, and look for Perdido en la Suciedad Part 3 arriving sometime early in 2010.   words/ b. kramer

MP3: Dirt Dress :: An Introduction
MP3: Dirt Dress :: Sonic Death

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