Guano Padano :: Ramblin’ Man

guano padano

As I’ve mentioned previously, I keep a folder on my macbook designated for the sole purpose of collecting songs for an imaginary David Lynch soundtrack. Experimental Italian Americana act, Guano Padano, do a cover of Hank Williams’ “Ramblin’ Man” that absolutely fits the bill, and is the latest addition to the pile. Those familiar with Lynch’s score and soundtrack work, with longtime collaborator Angelo Badalamenti, will immediately catch my drift.

I was initially hipped to Guano Padano over at songs: illinois before seeking out their 2009 debut (released October 27th via Important Records) at eMusic. Not surprisingly, Joey from Calexico is a huge fan and penned the liner notes for the LP including a track-by-track breakdown of each. Dig.

MP3: Guano Padano :: Ramblin’ Man

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