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(Diversions, a recurring feature on Aquarium Drunkard, catches up with our favorite artists as they wax on subjects other than recording and performing.)

With three weeks left in 2009, we asked the Whigs vocalist/guitarist Parker Gispert to run down his ten favorite LPs of the decade. The Whigs have a new album (their third) due in 2010. Stay tuned.

1. Modest Mouse :: The Moon and Antarctica I was in high school and had just gotten into Modest Mouse.   It was the days of Kazaa and Napster and I had been downloading live versions of the songs that would eventually constitute this record when I saw them at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta.   The new songs blew my mind in the live setting and then supremely blew my mind when I heard the record.   Truly an artistically tasteful embrace of what I assume was a larger recording budget.

2. Godspeed You Black Emperor :: Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven The seemingly eternal pitch ascension that climaxes into the   “Gathering Storm” movement of this disc is bewildering.   I don’t know how many frets are on the stringed instruments I’m hearing, I don’t know how a piece of modern rock music could possibly create more tension.   My favorite six and a half minutes of music from the decade.   The only time I had the privilege of seeing them live they opened the show with the title track and I missed it because I was studying for an exam.   I’ve now spitefully repressed anything I learned for that exam.

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3. Stephen Malkmus :: Pig Lib A way underrated album.   A perfect jam / song adherence ratio.   Vanessa from Gresham that’s right.

4. Wax Fang :: La La Land This album is magical.   If you care enough to read what my favorite albums of the decade are, you are most likely on the internet and should at least check this out on the Myspace.   Your wife’s carrying the baby’s uncle!!!

5. The Rolling Stones :: Goat’s Head Soup OK, so this album is not from the decade we are talking about.   Why throw a curveball into this list when I can throw a Jose Rijo split-finger fastball?   I beg forgiveness from Aquarium Drunkard and from readers alike for breaking the rules on this one. I would argue that “Coming Down Again” transcends time and is defiant of any decade attempting to hold it prisoner.   What???   Seriously though.

6.   Ween – Quebec :: Ween are fun kings.   “Zoloft,” “Tried and True,” “Happy Colored Marbles,” and “Chocolate Town” never fail to pump me up.

7.   The Glands :: The Glands Top to bottom, local or global, this is easily the album I’ve listened to the most this decade.   A perfect, all encompassing collection of jams.

8.   Beachwood Sparks :: Once We Were Trees For long drives, I find myself rocking this record quite often.   “By Your Side” is my favorite cover of the 2000’s.

9.   The Thrills :: So Much For The City I freaked out big time for the Thrills first album.   Love this disc.

10.   Drive By Truckers :: Brighter Than Creation’s Dark An epic southern rock journey.   DBT rules.

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4 thoughts on “Diversions :: The Whigs On Albums of The Decade

  1. Good list. I also think Pig Lib is way underrated.

    I’d put Quebec on a decade list, too.

    And Brighter Than Creations Dark would be up there as well.

    I’ve just discovered Goat’s Head Soup. It’s crazy to think that it followed up Exile On Main St. I can’t imagine how anticipated Goats Head Soup would have been by Stones’ fans. I’m curious as to how it was received at the time.

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