Hand painted on brown cardboard sleeves, the above image is an example of Futurebirds 2009 eponymous EP. Its contents feel just as DIY. Based in Athens, GA, the band’s incredibly strong six-song debut pays lo-fi homage to three decades of cornbread-fed psych, folk and and rock ‘n roll with production values reminesnct of Tennessee Fire era MMJ. Megachills, indeed.

MP3: Futurebirds :: Dirty D
MP3: Futurebirds :: Megachills

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  1. That is damn good and a damn good description as well.

  2. Futurebirds Rip!

  3. Loving this.

  4. […] first caught wind of the Athens, GA based Futurebirds courtesy of Aquarium Drunkard. Their write-up went something along the lines of this – blah, blah, blah sounds like […]

  5. diggin.

  6. just awesome!


  7. […] impromptu, house party somewhere off South Congress. These guys are, in a word, the truth. As I mentioned last Fall, Futurebirds inhabit a space somewhere in between Tennessee Fire era MMJ, a cornbread-fed […]

  8. Futurebirds live in Athens! Recorded April 22nd!


  9. This link doesn’t require a log in:


  10. […] was first turned on to Futurebirds by the fine folks at Aquarium Drunkard who described the band as “reminiscent of Tennessee Fire era My Morning Jacket”. Now Aquarium Drunkard offshoot label Autumn Tone Records is set to release the debut LP from […]

  11. […] Making music with what’s available to them, and doing whatever they can to make it. We described them before as DIY, and it is just as blue-collar, unpretentious and unfettered as that. Their lyrics […]

  12. Isnt the author of this blog also the owner of the record label housing Futurebirds new release. What is this? An Advertorial review?

  13. @Paul – Autumn Tone didn’t release this EP, but if we did I would absolutely still write about it.

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