A few months ago the UK’s Kindness released a 7″.  Side -A is comprised of a metronomic rendering of the Mats’Swinging Party” sounding like the Talking Heads in a deadpan karaoke booth. Bravo. The B-side is “Gee Up,” a short, funky nod to post-punk as channeled by a dude who loves Arthur Russell’s dance jams. Don’t miss the no-frills video after the jump. It is well worth that extra click. Promise.

MP3: Kindness :: Gee Up

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3 Responses to “Kindness :: Gee Up (B-Side)”

  1. love the Trouble Funk-esque bassline

  2. […] wrote about the b-side to this track last year (the accompanying video is ace). As previously mentioned, […]

  3. such a great song. I wish Kindness was more active. I love their replacements ‘swinging party’ cover too

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