Sunset :: Gold Dissolves To Gray


With a super-late fourth quarter release date (November 24th), this one nearly slipped by me. Recording as Sunset, Gold Dissolves to Gray marks Bill Baird’s fourth solo release in the span of two years. An artist I continually make a point to keep up with, Gray again finds Baird tackling faded out, bedroom rock and pop reminiscent of the weed and old cassette tapes found under the backseat of your older brother’s car.

A sampling of listed influences: tape echo, fingerpicked guitar, the color of sound (stacked sound in wild layers), whiskey, macrobiotic food, “69 love songs,” field recordings, “rhapsody in blue,” “sketches of spain,” naturalist guides, topographical maps, music that manages to be slow and yet still heavy, syncopation, terrible 80’s cop movies, “the faust tapes,” very cold beer, vinyl records, vhs, dead and/or dying technologies, harry smith (esp. his short films), analog tape machine…. (the rest can be found here)

MP3: Sunset :: Gold Dissolves To Gray
MP3: Sunset :: Sunshine Hair

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3 thoughts on “Sunset :: Gold Dissolves To Gray

  1. Bill Baird is one of the most interesting people working in underground pop. I don’t think this album is as consistent as The Glowing City, but the second half is as beautiful as anything he’s ever done.

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