The Trip :: Curated By Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey


We’ve discussed the art of the mix many times on AD in the past, none more so than on A Cassette Valediction parts one and two. A well curated mix, be it an old school mixtape, CD-R or, ahem, radio show, truly is an art form. Try as ‘they’ may, the human element will never be replaced by the latest random generated playlist technology; be it iTunes’ Genius feature or sites like Pandora.   The reason: they have no soul.

Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey know this. In 2006 the two crafted The Trip, a two disc eclectic journey through some of their favorite tracks. Like all of my favorite mixes The Trip ignores genre restrictions and takes the long view blending artists and songs in a way one would not immediately put together. The varied selection ranges from out-of-print crate digger nuggets to jams by the Beach Boys, Jonathan Richman and, curiously, that bizarro Dave Essex hit (you know the one).

MP3: Alan Vega :: Jukebox Babe
MP3: Jonathan Richman :: Egyptian Reggae

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