Tom Waits :: Nighthawks On The Radio / 1976, WNEW-FM NYC


This was a show I recorded with Tom in December of 1976 that was originally broadcast on WNEW during my first sojourn at the station. I played this rare one-hour tape tonight as my contribution to the station’s “From The Archives” weekend. Tom and I (and drummer Ralph Ebler) taped this at a studio in town – Tom at the piano, Ralph on snare and high-hat; it was unrehearsed, unscripted and totally cool! This is the first time the show has been aired in its entirety since the original broadcast almost 20 years ago.” (Vin Scelsa, WNEW-FM host)

Zipped Folder (114 MB): Tom Waits :: Nighthawks On The Radio / 1976, WNEW-FM NYC

Tom Waits :: Emotional Weather Report
Tom Waits :: A Sight For Sore Eyes
Tom Waits :: Step Right Up
Tom Waits :: Eggs And Sausage / Invitation to the Blues
Tom Waits :: Jitterbug Boy
Tom Waits :: Diamonds On My Windshield
Tom Waits :: Tom Traubert’s Blues
Tom Waits :: New Coat Of Paint
Tom Waits :: The Piano Has Been Drinking
Tom Waits :: I Can’t Wait To Get Off Work
Tom Waits :: San Diego Serenade

35 thoughts on “Tom Waits :: Nighthawks On The Radio / 1976, WNEW-FM NYC

  1. You guys are the shit!!!! I always slap people when I mention “The Drunkard,” and they know not of what I speak. Much like I slap them when I make a reference to Tom Waits and they don’t know or more commonly just “don’t get it!!!” Thank Ya!!!

  2. My Friend e-mailed me two of my alltime faves Vin & TW on the same show noless I grew up listening to Idiot’s Delight on ‘NEW alas I cannot play these files but I remember this show Bayonne Butch… You ROCK!!!!

  3. maybe the perfect waits venue (for this era). it would be worse if i or maybe anybody were there to distract. it seems a timeless event.

  4. Very nice! I missed the KPFK Folkscene post the first time around and the files are now gone… Any chance for a repost?

  5. Interesting how much his speaking voice changed between 74 and 76. Sounds like he aged 25 years. Thanks for posting these.

  6. link not working for me either – any chance of re posting this, thanks for all the articles and material at AD

  7. It’s probably just Mediafire seeing as they were just doing maintenance, but neither this nor the Dylan links to a download…

  8. Nighthawks is my alltime favorite,
    too bad there is no Big Joe and Phantom 309 live version….

  9. Oh man, I would LOVE to hear this gem. I was lucky enough to hear TW play in a little folk club in 1975 (I’d never heard of him) and was immediately smitten. And bless Vin Scelsa’s heart — a real radio pioneer. Any chance of fixing the link or creating a new one?

  10. I heard “Better off Without A Wife” and the Nighthawks album on my college radio station, Syracuse University-1975ish. Hooked ever since. Saw him in Ithica and NYC. Decades later, before I moved way south from my Hoboken sculpture studio in 1998, I recorded 14 Sunday night sessions of Vince’s show. And now Vince and Tom together- priceless.

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