Bowie :: Let Me Sleep Beside You (BBC Radio Session DLT Show)

Bowie's Space Oddity LP has never ranked as one of my favorites in his catalog---and one would be hard pressed to hail it as essential---but damn if the 2nd disc of this new reissue doesn't just keep bringing me back. Tracing various sides of Bowie's early persona, from rough-hewn to orchestrated, the set paints an alternate side of early Bowie. The BBC tracks are worth he price alone, and "Let Me Sleep Beside You" culled from the BBC's   DLT radio show has been on repeat for weeks. The track kicks off with an interview snippet with Bowie discussing his newfound success with the track "Space Oddity" before breaking in song. Very telling of the sound of the Ziggy persona who was soon to emerge.

**You can stream it after the jump, as I cannot get the code to work without the "auto-play" feature switched on which is highly annoying to those who do not want to hear it.

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