Yeaahh. Go ahead, take a look at who plays on this; the album’s contents are as fresh as they look. See if this doesn’t warm you up. A long time staple around here, I just dusted off “Hikky Burr” for a new mix.  The savvy will note this was the original Bill Cosby Show theme song back in the early seventies—long before Lisa Bonet and the gang.

Oddly, while eMusic does offer The Original Jam Sessions 1969 for sale, it is not available for purchase in the United States.

MP3: Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby :: Hikky Burr

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8 Responses to “Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby :: The Original Jam Sessions 1969”

  1. i found this jem a few years ago – highly recommend it!

  2. hell yes.very funky.

  3. milt jackson & joe sample w/ quincy & cosby?? WHAAAAAT

  4. AND jimmy smith!

  5. The album is available on iTunes, however. Thank you SO much this album is awesome!

  6. Just downloaded the rest from eMusic. It was -8.5ºF this morning. So, yeah, I was looking for something to warm me up!

  7. Just so, so heavy… so, so deep

  8. […] Jones – “Hikky-Burr” You may recognize this as the theme song from The Cosby Show, and that may be 20% of why I love it. The other 80% is because it’s damn […]

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