Whatever else Ryan was doing over the holidays, it sounds like we were listening to the same podcasts. On Guitar Music From The Western Sahara, Group Doueh and company filter trad Saharan frequencies through 60s and 70s rock, psych and funk. The fruits are a hypnotic blend of non-western otherness that scratches an itch for those of us constantly digging for something else — something distant, something unfamiliar. Hat tip to Kyp Malone for the turn-on.

MP3: Group Doueh :: Wazan Samat

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4 Responses to “Group Doueh :: Guitar Music From The Western Sahara”

  1. That photo is awesome.

  2. fabulous music like climbing into a time machine and steppin out in memphis 56

  3. This is fantastic– I was expecting something like Tinariwen. Instead it’s call & response. Fees like church.

  4. Have you checked out Group Bombino?

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