Before I cool it with the Waits stuff, I thought I’d share this last bit as I’ve been in a heavy early-late ’70s Waits mode for awhile. It’s that time of year. What I love about this era is that it just bounces. There is no one doing it quite like this anymore, not even Waits. A great document from a great period, as things would soon change in terms of both the direction of the recorded material and the live shows.

Update: Some folks have had issues with the final track, “Step Right Up,” unbundling in the zip. So, here it is if ya need it. It’s a doozy.

MP3: Tom Waits :: Step Right Up (sendspace link)

Download (Zipped Folder 60 MB): Tom Waits :: Apr 27, 1979, Paris France, Palace Theater

Tom Waits :: Heartattack And Vine
Tom Waits :: Till The Money Runs Out
Tom Waits :: Annieís Back In Town
Tom Waits :: I Wish I Was In New Orleans
Tom Waits :: Wrong Side Of The Road
Tom Waits :: Jersey Girl
Tom Waits :: Step Right Up

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19 Responses to “Tom Waits :: April 27, 1979, Paris France, Palace Theater”

  1. This is great! Thanks! The You Tube clips are brilliant too! 😀

  2. just saw the new terry gilliam film, with waits playing the devil. he somehow always manages to channel that ineffable vibe of his music in his acting roles. what a guy.

  3. Anyone else having issues with the last track, Step Right Up? It gives an error when I try to extract and won’t play. Awesome set – thanks!

  4. thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou

  5. awesome, thanks! anyway you can repost the KPFK Folkscene one???

  6. it’s gems like this that continue to make AD my favorite music blog. thanks so much!

  7. you are awesome thank you so much for this!

  8. Yep. No Step Right Up fer me neitha.

  9. RE: Step Right Up mp3, see above….I upped it as an MP3 for those with issues w/ the zipped folder.

  10. thanks for sharing the great live 70s-era waits! hadn’t heard this paris’79 show. i also recommend tracking down the sydney’79 and bremen’77 shows – there are some ‘wolf’ remasters that are amazing quality! email me if interested…

  11. I have problems with the “Annieís Back In Town”. I think it might relate to the “í” that somehow is translatet wrong into the zip-file.

  12. No “Step Right Up” for me, either.


  13. Any chance that Step Right Up could be reposted?

  14. That mp3 of Step Right Up looks to be gone again 🙁

    Great post though

  15. indeed there’s a corruption in the file ‘Step Right Up’ the rest unpacks no problem.

    Many thanks for the share!

  16. But… it unpacked okay, using unarchiver on Mac OS X. How do you make 405kbps mp3’s? Very good quality, I’m surprised there’s better than 320 kbps possible in mp3. I hunt mostly for FLAC’s, but I’m more than happy with this!

    Meanwhile I listened to the whole Step right up, and no problem whatsoever.

  17. 😛 405kbps… That’s the result of the corruption, got it figured…

  18. Thanks! This made my entire weekend….and I had a damned good weekend.

  19. More Tom Waits Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Love this period. A truly original set against the current period of dying punk, emerging new wave and the arrival of Goth. Who could not be impressed.

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