A couple of years ago I had Le Switch guest DJ my radio show. The stacks they were pulling from consisted of a lot of old Motown, Stax and Harry Nilsson (and I think even a track off a Ringo Starr solo joint). One band I hadn’t heard of was The Ox-Bow Incident, a sixties garage band from Brooklyn, NY named after the 1943 western of the same name. The strength of their version of the Four TopsReach Out (I’ll Be There) just begs for release on an underground garage rock comp. Check it out.

MP3: The Ox-Bow Incident :: Reach Out

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3 Responses to “The Ox-Bow Incident :: Reach Out (I’ll Be There)”

  1. Definite vocal resemblance to late 70’s Springsteen – which is meant a high compliment.

  2. I think I was there for that Le Switch DJ extravaganza. I remember they did an acoustic session on the floor. That was the first time I ever saw them, they rule. Thanks for the reminder of the Ox-Bow Incident.

  3. Jimmy B, that was indeed the time!

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