Elvis Presley :: Unchained Melody (The Final Concert, 1977)

A honey-throated god—mere months away from death—Presley, solo at the piano, performs a spellbinding rendition of “Unchained Melody.” Ladies and gentlemen, this was showmanship. A king indeed.

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17 thoughts on “Elvis Presley :: Unchained Melody (The Final Concert, 1977)

  1. Is his “darling” a cheeseburger? Ha. On a more serious note… couldn’t Elvis afford a mic stand? Oh, I get it… he was so rich he could pay people to hold his mic! WTF?

  2. Greatest singer, greatest song. What more could you ask for. It’s performances like this that bring Elvis talent into sharp focus. Forget all the bullshit, this was THE VOICE

  3. Consumate showman, smiling at his audience and giving them everything he had. Thanks for the great post. Elvis = King of R’nR

  4. Ugh. How any one could see anything of value in that performance is beyond me. Elvis had become, unfortunately for many years, an artist on the level of Liberace, and this illustrates it perfectly. I love your blog, we share much in our tastes, so it is just baffling that someone with your typically exquisite taste could like this.

    A flat bloated pig who lived a fat bloated pig’s life. Just one man’s opinion, I suppose, but to paraphrase you fans, “1,000,000 Elvis haters can’t be wrong.”

    I’ll look forward to your better posts!

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