Aquarium Drunkard Show :: A Companion Mix, Vol 2

A mixtape. Some new, some old, some new(ish). This is the second effort to somewhat merge the weekly AD show on XMU with that of the blog proper. After the jump, check a selection of 15 tracks I’ve been spinning over the past few weeks. Simple jams for complicated times, ya’ll. Just a small fraction of what I play, but a choice round up nonetheless representative of where my head’s at January 2010. Volume 1 is still fresh; grab it here.

Download (Zipped Folder 64 MB):
Aquarium Drunkard Show :: A Companion Mix, Vol 2

The Bicycles :: B-B-Bicycles
Dum Dum Girls :: Jail La La
The Sandwitches :: Back To The Sea
Atlas Sound ::   Doctor
Pet Politics :: The Ghost Mary And Her Friends
Dirt Dress :: An Introduction
Growlers :: Something Someone Jr.
Harlem :: Come Back Jonee
Hush Arbors :: Sugar Mountain
Alex Bleeker And The Freaks :: Animal Tracks
Indian Wars :: If You Want Me
Grass Widow :: To Where
Kindness :: Gee Up
Surf City :: Autumn
Ganglians :: Valiant Brave

Previously: Aquarium Drunkard Show :: A Companion Mix, Vol 1

**art by our bestie in Harlem NYC, Jeremy Benson.

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11 thoughts on “Aquarium Drunkard Show :: A Companion Mix, Vol 2

  1. cool neil young cover, haven’t heard that. sounds way different from the new hush arbors, which is actually pretty rockin’

  2. Ace comp there! The first one was brill also! Cheers for them and for the AD site in general 🙂

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