Former Frente! vocalist, Angie Hart, duets with Bonnie “Prince” Billy on “Little Bridges” off her 2009 disc Eat My Shadow. The Juxtaposition between Hart and Oldham’s off-kilter vocals works perfectly here.

MP3: Angie Hart & Bonnie “Prince” Billy :: Little Bridges

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4 Responses to “Angie Hart & Bonnie “Prince” Billy :: Little Bridges”

  1. this is a great record. angie lived in a little house in los feliz for almost ten years before moving back home not too long ago. we’re so glad she’s doing well back down under but we miss her.

  2. I didn’t even know that she was still recording, let alone had an album out last year! Thanks…this is a lovely song.

  3. loving this so much.

  4. probably my fav track from the album

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