Kindness :: Swinging Party

I wrote about the b-side to this track last year (the accompanying video is ace). As previously mentioned, Kindness are from the UK and have thus far released one seven inch. Other than that I know very little. I’m bringing this back up as, due to a recent Talking Heads binge, I’ve been spinning the record’s A-side a lot; Kindness’s cover of the Replacements “Swinging Party.” Completely reinvented, the track ditches its original lounge vibe and comes off like a lost David Byrne cover. Very curious to see what Kindness is up to next.

MP3: Kindness :: Swinging Party

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5 thoughts on “Kindness :: Swinging Party

  1. Beard rock singing over a keyboard and a beat? What interpretive mode are they going for there. All of the teenage anomie and frustration sucked out and emasculated?

  2. @Dan, yeah, I don’t think they were at all trying to emulate the mats original, but take the skeletal framework (lyrics) and apply them to a Talking Heads-ish backbeat. I think it works.

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