Tonight in Chinatown: Aquarium Drunkard presents the above show/house party at Madame Wongs. It’s first come, first serve — I’ll leave it at that (read between the lines). Also, there is a special guest we can’t announce here, but it’s an AD fave. See ya there…

7 Responses to “AD Presents :: Smith Westerns/Pearl Harbor (Tonight, Chinatown)”

  1. Is there an age limit? 18, 21? My friends and I would really like to go, but we’re all 17, and it seems like this type of show would have a limit.

  2. There is no age limit, but show up early.

  3. dude, the surprise was ruined for me already! i don’t want to spoil it but it’s gonna be epic.

  4. you guys are on a fucking roll

  5. what is the address?

  6. i couldn’t find the place? too underground for me sadly… haha maybe next time? i really wanted to see harlem too…

  7. Gary – go see HARLEM tonight at Spaceland

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