7 thoughts on “AD Presents :: Magic Kids/Pearl Harbor @ The Echo, Feb. 16th

  1. They just signed to True Panther. I’m not sure how this works, since now people can read my comment and get the answer, but hey, I’ll do the legwork.

  2. Magic Kids is signed to True Panther Sounds, who was bought by Matador, which is distributed by The Alternative Distribution Alliance, which is partially owned by the Warner Music Group (the other owner being Sub Pop Records, which is 49 percent owned by Warner, but I digress), which owns Grand Hustle Records, which was founded by T.I., who put out “Whatever You Like,” the only rap song without any rapping.

    But I want these tickets to see Pearl Harbor.

  3. Pretty sure Jordan deserves to win after that response.

    But if you decide otherwise, I live across the street. I’ll even bring you an asada taco or two from the truck by save-a-lot

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