Our friends in the Bay, videographers Yours Truly, just sent over their latest session with Vermont’s Mountain Man. Having first heard them last summer they have since become my favorite, recent, New England export. Gorilla Vs. Bear has another exclusive from the session, “Mouthwings,” available here.

Mountain Man’s 2009 EP is available for download via Bandcamp.

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3 Responses to “Mountain Man :: Honeybee (Video, San Francisco)”

  1. It also helps that they are incredibly nice gals. Mind-blowing, those harmonies.

  2. this is beautiful and true, I love it

  3. Wow, before the end of the song a hound dog was howling outside my window. There is a deal on some trailers in arkansas these women might be interested in. Here is a manifestation of the downside of the internet and how easily things are produced for consumption: just because you can doesn’t mean you should. So earnest and sincere, take a flyswatter to that honeybee!

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