Though it flew way under most radars outside of Memphis, TN, Harlan T. Bobo’s debut LP, Too Much Love, was one of my favorite releases of 2006. An outlier on the typically noisy Goner Records label, Too Much Love was a love sick paean to romance that seemed to straddle our reality and that of a David Lynch universe. Great stuff.

April 13th sees the release of Bobo’s third LP, Sucker. If “Mlle. Chatte,” the album’s last track, is any indication, we’re in for quite the ride this Spring.

MP3: Harlan T. Bobo :: Mlle. Chatte

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11 Responses to “Harlan T. Bobo :: Mlle. Chatte”

  1. Damn i went from really excited to what the fuck is this? I hope the album is better than this album.

  2. song

  3. love song ))

  4. Mlle Chatte, does he know that Chatte means Pussy in French? We’re on for a different reading of the song…

  5. Something tells me he knows what it means.

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  8. @cccmmmm, “does he know that Chatte means Pussy in French? We’re on for a different reading of the song…”

    His GF is a French Artist, I’m certain he knows what it means…

  9. I freaking love this guy, and was surprised that this album didn’t disappoint at all. Not sure how to describe why. I am such a silly music snob gobbling up all the pitchfork crap, then I find myself coming back to this organic awesomeness because its just plain better. Harlan makes me want to drink whiskey on my porch for 2 songs, then run inside and slam dance with my wife for 2 more, then pick up my guitar and blues solo for a while, then hit that porch again with another glass of the brown stuff.

    Thanks Harlan. Glad you found happiness and even gladder it didnt ruin your music.

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  11. recherche l amour love hillande pour la vie

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