I’ll be the first to admit that, on paper, getting excited about checking out yet another cover of Them’s Gloria” sounds like a losing proposition. And in most cases you would be right. Culled from a Robb London set I came across on Garage Hangover last year, this is the exception. Supplanting Them’s (and 90% of subsequent covers) chugging, seminal, garage blast in favor of languid, seemingly off-the-cuff white boy soul, Robb London and his backing band work “Gloria” into a blue-cool. Chewing on the lyrics, locking into a subtle groove, you won’t even miss Van Morrison’s G.L.O.R.I.A.

MP3: Robb London :: Gloria

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6 Responses to “Robb London :: Gloria”

  1. this is incredible. thanks for posting!

  2. wow, this is not what i had expected at all…a rather nice surprise

  3. Wow this does blow any other version away.

  4. […] 3. ‘Gloria’ by Robb London This deserves a mention for doing a reasonable job of the virtually impossible. At this late stage, I wouldn’t have thought anyone could take Van Morrison’s r & b chestnut ‘Gloria’ ( G-L-O-R-I-A) and re-imagine it. Yet this version enable us to hear the song in a new and (mostly) welcome light. Hurrah. […]

  5. Incredible. Cannot find the track anywhere (iTunes, emusic…). Has anyone been able to locate it?

  6. […] across this gem via Aquarium Drunkard about a year ago. It’s been a while since I last listened, and it’s still as good as I […]

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