This most recent trend of American artists mining the sounds of vintage sixties girl groups (Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast, etc.) inspired me to pull out Rhino Records 1984 new-wave, all female, compilation The Girls Can’t Help It. At thirteen tracks Girls is an inspired time capsule featuring, among others, Leslee Swanson, Tiger Lilly, On The Air, The Antoinettes, the Pandoras and the Dynette Set. An underground, new-wave, take on Phil Spector production and the Shangri-Las, the long out-of-print compilation is an excellent slice of pure ’60s pastiche. Bittersweet though, as, save for the two tracks below, I’ve since lost my copy. Should anyone have this compilation digitized, or on the original vinyl, please email or leave a comment below.

MP3: Leslee Swanson :: Each Time
MP3: On The Air :: Even Try

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  3. Another well-received L.A. girl-group/Phil Spector- tinged act of note: Jail Weddings

    Definitely no throwback act but borrow heavily from this specific vibe. Fronted by a male actually, but two female back-up singers take solos when they aren’t sweetening the periphery. Brad Caulkins from Fool’s Gold plays sax/arranges. Def check them out if you’re into this kinda thing

  4. I have this LP. I think I bought it at Rhino Records on Westwood. Haven’t listened to it in ages…I can digitize it and send you a link!

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