Tomorrow (Friday), during the second hour of my SIRIUS/XMU show, I am airing Mission of Burma’s Aquarium Drunkard session recorded last Fall at Infrasonic Sound Studios. We caught up with the band as they were touring through southern California before catching them again, in November, at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. I’ve now seen Mission of Burma three times since they first got back together, and have been blown away every time. Huge honor to have them on my show.

As always, special thanks to Meghan and all our friends at Infrasonic Studios. Video produced by Jason Mittleman and Jack Schlinkert. Photos by Jimmy Fleming. Tune in Friday noon-2pm EST; four videos from the session after the jump.

Mission of Burma :: Blunder (Aquarium Drunkard Session @ Infrasonic Studios)

Mission of Burma :: Careening With Conviction (Aquarium Drunkard Session @ Infrasonic Studios)

Mission of Burma :: Here It Comes (Aquarium Drunkard Session @ Infrasonic Studios)

Mission of Burma :: Dirt (Aquarium Drunkard Session @ Infrasonic Studios)

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