SIRIUS/XMU :: Aquarium Drunkard Show

Our weekly two hour show on SIRIUS/XMU, channel 26 (SIRIUS), and channel 43 (XM), can now be heard twice, every Friday – Noon EST with an encore broadcast at Midnight EST.

The first hour of today’s show will be the new Mondo Boys mixtape A Continuous Monument. Download it here.

SIRIUS 130: Jean Michel Bernard – Generique Stephane ++ JAVELIN – THE MERKIN JERK (TAKE 3) / ALAN WATTS: ZEN TALES   ++ ARABIAN ANTLERS: WOLVES OVER TROUBLED WATERS (INTRO) / ONG-ART CHIRAPHAN: KIT TUENG THER (MISS YOU) ++ CHUCK WRIGHT: AT SEVENTEEN / PROF. HAROLD BOGGS & THE BOGGS SPECIALS: GOD’S L.S.D. ++ GOKî‡EN KAYNATAN & ELEKTRONIKIERI: PENCERENIN PERDESINI ++ VOLCANO CHOIR: ISLAND, IS ++ ANIMAL COLLECTIVE: GRAZE ++ RADIOHEAD / BECK: HARRY PATCH, HARRY PARTCH ++ BECK / FIERY FURNACES: FRIEDBERGER FAMILY FEUD ++ THIRD WAVE: ELEANOR RIGBY /  RONNIE PROPHET: ELEANOR RIGBY ++ ELO: TURN TO STONE / THE FOUR TOPS: I’LL TURN TO STONE ++ ADA: LUCKYCHARM / ERLEND î˜YE: INTUITION / BORN RUFFIANS: FOXES MATE FOR LIFE ++ MIDLAKE: THEY CANNOT LET IT EXPAND ++ BORN RUFFIANS: FOXES MATE FOR LIFE ++ ES: ENNEN OLI HUONOMMIN ++ NAGISA NI TE: PREMONITION ++ HERE WE GO MAGIC: FANGELA / THE TURTLES: YOU SHOWED ME / BORN RUFFIANS: FOXES MATE FOR LIFE ++ SPOON: TROUBLE COMES RUNNING ++ Atlas Sound: Doctor ++ Billy Preston: Nothing From Nothing ++ AIR: Venus / The Korgis: Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime ++ Charlotte Gainsbourg: Me And Jane Doe ++ Ray Davies: All Night Stand / THE THOUGHTS: ALL NIGHT STAND ++ RICHARD SWIFT: LADY LUCK ++ FLEET FOXES: WHITE WINTER HYMNAL ++ ELLIOTT SMITH: BOTTLE UP AND EXPLODE ++ DR. DOG: SHADOW PEOPLE ++ SONNY AND THE SUNSETS: TOO YOUNG TO BURN ++ BEACH HOUSE: ZEBRA ++ ARABIAN ANTLERS: Wolves Over Troubled Waters (Reprise) ++ Art Museums – Sculpture Gardens ++ So Many Wizards – Nico ++ Harlem – Goodbye Horses ++ Cass McCombs – Dreams Comes True Girl ++ Joanna Newsom – Baby Birch (radio edit) ++ Abe Vigoda – Dead City/Waste Wilderness ++ Women – Shaking Hand ++ Madeleine Peyroux – Between The Bars (Elliott Smith cover) ++ Pillow Talk – What Does it Take ++ Susan Christie – Paint A Lady ++ Robb London – Gloria ++ Them – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue ++ Canarios – Trying So Hard ++ Sunset – Gold Dissolves To Gray

*You can listen, for free, online with the SIRIUS three day trial – just submit an email address and they will send you a password.

9 thoughts on “SIRIUS/XMU :: Aquarium Drunkard Show

  1. Hey, I too loved the “It’s all over now baby blue.” Is it the Belfast Gypsies or Them? I can’t find a Them album with the song, but I did find the Belfast Gypsies. While I’m on the subject, when the hell are they going to issue the Them catalog on the cheap? If you know, let me know.

  2. Sorry, but I think I found it on “The Story of Them featuring Van Morrison.” Still need it on the cheap though.

  3. what exactly is the “radio edit” of baby birch? I heard it but not being able to do any sort of side-by-side comparison I wasn’t sure what it is. And googling it only leads me back here.

  4. Cool, I thought it may be something like that. I was wondering if it was only edited for length or if there were some official re-instrumentation or something. Usually I object to shortened radio edits (like the 3-minute version of the 8-minute DMB song “Crush” they constantly play on the spectrum, which is a total butchering), but in this case I can only say I am thankful for more Joanna airplay 🙂

  5. “. . . Baby Blue” was on the second American-release Them album titled “Them Again”. I believe it is a vinyl-only release on Parrot Records. Van Morrison was already out the door when it was released.

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