AD Presents :: Ponytone: A Cross-Cultural Mixtape

Like a ghost ship hovering somewhere off the coast, broadcasting crackly pirate-radio blasts into the ether, Ponytone is as mysterious as it is unrivaled. And by that I mean it is an aural treasure. Welcome to the   second installment of an irregular series in which I highlight some of my favorite voices online (and beyond). Reportedly based in the Con Dao Islands off the southern coast of Vietnam, Ponytone’s founder/editor, Lucie, digs through crates of vinyl in the darkest corners of the globe with an emphasis on jazz, disco, rock, soul, psychedelia and off-kilter pop from around the world. Much of the music featured has never before been available online. Without question, one of my favorite music blogs going today.

Grab the two-part mix, below, and be sure to bookmark Ponytone. I promise you will thank me later. – AD


Part I
Ponytone: A Cross-Cultural Mixtape (Zipped Folder 131 MB)

Henri Texier – Les “lî -bas”
These Trails – Garden Botanum
Usha – Welcome, Test Tube Baby
Reuben Wilson – We’re In Love
Janey & Dennis – Take It From A Friend
Ronnie McNeir – Wendy Is Gone
Djalma Dias – Nada Sei De Presonceito
Professor Harold Boggs & The Boggs Specials – God’s LSD
Alpay – Gonullerde Bahar
Dennis The Fox – Piledriver
Vatche Yeramian – She’s Mine
Charlie Starr – Solitary Woman
Third Wave – Eleanor Rigby
5000 Volts – Doctor Kiss Kiss
Canarios – Trying So Hard
Vainica Doble – Caramelo De Limon
Medical Mission Sisters – Howl My Soul
Moacir Santos – What’s My Name
Janine – Does The Sun Still Shine?
Pageant Theatre – The Hollow Men

Part II Ponytone: A Cross-Cultural Mixtape (Zipped Folder 137 MB)

Judy Nylon – Carlotta
Bhuvan-Hari – Aa Khelen Chhuppa-Chhuppi
The Newday – Wait A Minute
Mina Aoe with Masahiko Sato – Goodnight
Christine Adams – Loneliness Is Always Around
Harry Forson – Aya
Ray Williams – Cosmopolitan London
Dave Sarkys – Rhythm Punch
Henri Salvador – Pauvre Jesus Christ
Blossom Dearie – Somebody New
Jimmy Stone – Family Affair
Blue Mink – Eyeballs
Margo Guryan – California Shake
Mistral – Starship 109
Scott Fagan – In My Head
Ana y Jaime – Nina Nana
Georges Happi – Hello Friends
Edith Hill & Selah – The Corner
J.O.B. Orquestra – Only Faith And Hope
Yaphet Kotto – Have You Ever Seen The Blues

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21 thoughts on “AD Presents :: Ponytone: A Cross-Cultural Mixtape

  1. Hello! I just recently became a regular visitor to your site, and I have to say that one of my favorite parts of the day is clicking on your link and seeing what comes up.

    Today, as is the case most days, was very rewarding!

    I haven’t had a chance to download the mixtapes but I went to check out the Ponytone site and it’s Friggin Amazing!

    I love hearing lost treasures, and forgotten gems. learning about the world through music that’s not necessarilly 100% cultural or stylistically specific to it’s area of origin has always been intruiging to me.

    Thanks a ton for this post. I can’t wait to download the mixtapes and explore the ponytone site more in depth.


  2. I applaud you for this find! I also applaud you for including the original album artwork for each individual artist.

  3. And thanks for posting. These are amazing. I really enjoy your show on SXM. Glad I found you.

  4. Can we get a re-up of these mixes? I just heard the Henri “Jesus Christ” on your radio show and wanted to dig deeper.

  5. I haven’t slept on this post – this was one of my favorite mixtapes ever -but I just got my computer AND external back up drive stolen. Please re-upload and help me heal my wounds.


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