Don Cavalli :: Cryland

A friend turned me on to Don Cavalli’s Cryland shortly after it came out (2008), which I then promptly slept on until about six months ago. This was, indeed, my loss. Cavalli’s debut, it turns out, is one Frenchman’s take on swampy, gutbucket, rock & roll so steeped in deep southern imagery you’d swear it was from Marigold, MS. But wait. Stop yourself from imagining Slim Harpo on the Champs-î‰lysées as to do so would immediately cut its contents short (as Cryland is far more interesting than pure pastiche). Sure, you can get farther away from Mississippi delta than Paris, but not by much. And it’s exactly this that gives Cryland it’s distinct flavor. It’s Cavalli’s idea of what this music is. It’s the past 6 decades of rock and blues filtered though various mediums across the Atlantic and into Cavalli’s psyche. A real bouillabaisse if you will.

MP3: Don Cavalli :: I’m Going To A River
MP3: Don Cavalli :: Cherie De Mon Coeur

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  1. This isn’t actually his first album as he has been a feature of the thriving European Rockabilly scene for many years and has released a load of fantastic vinyl singles and LP’s, most of which were on the great Tail Records based in Sweden. His earlier stuff was always recorded on vintage equipment and was generally fantastic rural rockabilly and hillbilly bop. His double 10″ LP, The Pharoah, is an absolutely astounding release and I would urge you to track it down. No “wah wah” guitar on these relaeses but a stunning authentic 50’s rockabilly sound – think of the very best of that Memphis cat Charlie Feathers!

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