Twin Sister :: The Curatorial Club Cassette Series

It’s SXSW time. While I always make a point to keep it pretty loose schedule-wise, one of the East coast outfits I’m looking forward to catching this week is NYC’s Twin Sister. This is based entirely on the strength of their (free) Vampires With Dreaming Kids EP. In other Twin Sister news, the Greenpoint, Brooklyn based Chocolate Bobka has pegged the five-piece, along with Alex Bleeker and Run DMT, as one of the three bands to kick off his newly minted cassette series The Curatorial Club.

Twin Sister’s Alternates (TCC 001) is a 30 minute collection of demos from their Vampires with Dreaming Kids EP. The B-sides harvests the work that’s gone into their soon-to-be-released EP Color Your Life on Infinite Best.

MP3: Side A: Twin Sister ::   The Curatorial Club (Vampires with Dreaming Kids demos)

Full tracklisting after the jump….

Side A (Vampires with Dreaming Kids demos)
Idea Bubble #20
Ginger (JAB)
Nectarine (Extended)
I Want A House Built of Old Wood
Excerpts from Other Side

Side B (demos from Color Your Life)
New Suit
White Bread
The Walk
Synth Jamm

MP3: Twin Sister :: Ginger

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8 thoughts on “Twin Sister :: The Curatorial Club Cassette Series

  1. They kind of don’t sound like the Vampires EP anymore, more funky but still with a cocteau twins/angelo badalamenti spookiness to them they’re really good live. definitely a must-see.

  2. Why does the music player never work for the most recent posts? Literally, never.

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