Don’t Lie To Me/When My Baby’s Beside Me (Big Star Covers)

Amongst the revelry in Austin last week during SXSW, Alex Chilton’s sudden passing, and his enduring influence, cast a large shadow throughout the week’s festivities. At every turn one could overhear friends and acquaintances sharing stories of fandom celebrating Chilton’s legacy. Below, American Princes and Jason Isbell pay tribute the artist via their respective covers of   “Don’t Lie To Me” and “When My Baby’s Beside Me.”

MP3: American Princes :: Don’t Lie To Me (Big Star Cover)
MP3: Jason Isbell :: When My Baby’s Beside Me (Big Star Cover)

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Lie To Me/When My Baby’s Beside Me (Big Star Covers)

  1. Downloaded fine, but I’m having a problem with it not being a very interesting cover version. I like Jason Isbell typically, and this is certainly OK, but feels a bit too slavish a tribute for my money. (Bet I’d freakin’ love it live, though.)

  2. I love this cover. They played it Wednesday night last week in Chattanooga, and it was great. Amazing tribute to a true musical icon. Alex Chilton wrote some of the prettiest melodies pop music will ever know.

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