WAVED OUT :: Los Angeles, March 27th @ The Echo/Echoplex (More Bands Added!)

It’s here, Los Angeles. This Saturday, March 27th Aquarium Drunkard, in conjunction with the Echo, is holding its inaugural all ages festival here in L.A. in Echo Park. Dubbed WAVED OUT, after my favorite Robert Pollard solo album, this is the first of what will be a recurring event featuring emerging national, local and international artists. For this, the kickoff, we are beginning in the afternoon at both clubs (the Echo and Echoplex) and going until two a.m. All ages + 12 bucks. Food trucks, t-shirts, ice cream (!) and more…. Sixteen bands, two stages – Beginning at 3 p.m. I’m giving away 10 pairs of tickets. Leave you name and email below – winners drawn at random.

Hosts/comedic stylings: The MATTs — Matt Dwyer and Matt Braunger.

Confirmed: Surfer Blood, Best Coast, Turbo Fruits, The Sandwitches, Dirt Dress, The Coathangers, Active Child, PoPo, Moon Duo, Gamble House, Family Portrait, Tape Deck Mountain, Apes of Wrath, Pizza!, Giant Cloud, Superhumanoids. Grab your tickets early as we’re very much expecting a full house post-SXSW.

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WAVED OUT – A Sampler

Surfer Blood ::   West Palm Beach, FL

MP3: Surfer Blood :: Catholic Pagans

Best Coast :: Los Angeles, CA

MP3: Best Coast :: This Is Real

The Sandwitches :: San Francisco, CA

MP3: The Sandwitches :: Back To The Sea

Turbo Fruits :: Nashville, TN

MP3: Turbo Fruits :: Trouble!

Family Portrait :: D.C./New Jersey

MP3: Family Portrait :: Mega Secrets

Active Child :: Los Angeles, CA

MP3: Active Child :: She Was A Vision

The Coathangers :: Atlanta, GA

MP3: The Coathangers :: Parking Lot

Dirt Dress :: Los Angeles, CA

MP3: Dirt Dress :: Sonic Death

PoPo :: Philadelphia, PA

MP3: PoPo :: Knife Iz Yung

Moon Duo :: San Francisco, CA

MP3: Moon Duo :: Stumbling 22nd Street

Gamble House :: Los Angeles, CA

MP3: Gamble House :: Central Park

Tape Deck Mountain :: San Diego, CA

MP3: Tape Deck Mountain :: Ghost Colony

Giant Cloud :: New Orleans, LA

MP3: Giant Cloud :: Fingernails

Superhumanoids :: Los Angeles, CA

MP3: Superhumanoids :: Cranial Contest

Apes of Wrath :: San Diego, CA

MP3: Apes of Wrath :: Bad Advice

Pizza! :: Los Angeles, CA

MP3: Pizza! :: Be A Man


Hosted by Matt Dwyer and Matt Braunger

*Schedule subject to change

DOORS: 3pm

@ The ECHO

3:30   TO 4:00 – APES OF WRATH



5:50 TO 6:30   –   THE PO PO

6:45 TO 7:25 – GAMBLE HOUSE

7:50   TO 8:30   – DIRT DRESS


3:45 TO 4:15   –   GIANT CLOUD


5:15 TO 5:50 –   ACTIVE CHILD

6:05 TO 6:40 – MOON DUO


7:50 TO 8:30 – BEST COAST

8:45 TO 9:20 – TURBO FRUITS

9:35 TO 10:25 – SURFER BLOOD

10:40 TO 11:10 – THE SANDWITCHES



1PM Jaques Barabon

1:45 pm Young Prisms

2:45pm Dazzleships

3:30 pm Pepper Rabbit

4:30 pm We Barbarians ( Not confirmed)

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81 thoughts on “WAVED OUT :: Los Angeles, March 27th @ The Echo/Echoplex (More Bands Added!)

  1. I already bought my tix, but I have a simple but unaddressed question! Will folks be able to freely roam between the two venues throughout the day?

  2. My weekend: YACHT/Washed out/Pictureplane + Waved Out + The Room = Yes!
    Oh hi thur, free tickets.

  3. Man, I bought tickets for this almost as soon as it was announced– at that time it was just Surfer Blood and Best Coast and like one other band and I was super excited– but now I’m worried it’s going to be freaking packed and uncomfortably crowded.

    Too many bands. All ages. What the hell? FYF fest, anyone?

    I might not even be able to get in to see the bands I want. Or I’ll want to get the fuck out of there as soon as I DO get in because of all the kids constantly touching me. Fuck.

    It doesn’t have to be Wavestock, dude.

  4. No offense Jed, but it sounds like you’d be much more comfortable sitting at home listening to records… I imagine you’re one of those guys who complains when a band you like blows up, because they’re not your own little secret anymore. The music industry is just that: an industry. The idea is to make money. Justin, make this shit Wavestock.

    And, Jed, FYF was fantastic. You make it sound like the independent version of Warp Tour.

  5. @jed because surfer blood is now playing the echo plex it probably won’t be so packed. it’s a huge venue and there’s always room to get away from the crowd. had this great event not taken place they’d probably be playing a very packed echo or spaceland in those conditions you seem so scared of.

  6. Ahh I went last night! SO GOOD. But I wasn’t able to get a t-shirt because we had to leave. Is there any way I can still get one?

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