Turquoise Wisdom :: A Mixtape

Welcome to the   third installment of an irregular series in which I highlight some of my favorite voices online and beyond. Today we catch up with DJ Turquoise Wisdom. Wisdom (Zach Cowie) has worked in the record business his entire adult life– at labels (Touch & Go, Sub Pop, Drag City, Rhino), as a tour manager (Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Vetiver, Vashti Bunyan, etc), and as a touring DJ. He’s currently living in LA and trying his hand at music supervision/consultation for film and television. Above all he is a record collector. Catch Cowie this Friday as he guests during the first hour on my SIRIUS/XMU show.

Emmanuelle Parrenin :: Thibault Et L’Arbre D’Or
Top Drawer :: Song of A Sinner
Peter Hammill :: Summer Song (In The Autumn)
Joanna Newsom :: Good Intentions Paving Company
Bülent Ortaçgil :: Olmali mi Olmamali mi
Tony Williams :: There Comes A Time
Heron :: Smiling Ladies
J Dilla :: Nothing Like This
The Poppy Family :: There’s No Blood In Bone
Robert Wyatt :: Just As You Are
John Martyn :: My Baby Girl
Brian Eno :: The Big Ship
John Cale & Terry Riley :: The Soul of Patrick Lee
Bruce Langhorne :: Ending

*Cover art by Jess Rotter

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19 thoughts on “Turquoise Wisdom :: A Mixtape

  1. This is a fantastic compilation. You have exposed me to Top Drawer and now I need more. Thank you very much and give us more. Paul

  2. hey dude- glad you’re digging it. that top drawer lp is bonkers expensive. BUT you can catch that jam and many more rarities within that vibe on the FANTASTIC ‘forge your own chains’ compilation that egon @ stones throw/now again put together last year. hands down my favorite comp of 2009.
    check it: http://www.stonesthrow.com/product/show/id/3799

  3. Thanks for the stones throw link. That Top Drawer is no joke, stoked to check out the rest on that comp.

  4. still awaiting a mixtape I don’t want to play over and over and over….. As does everything else I read/hear on AD, Turquoise Wisdom makes me feel happy!

  5. I’m glad I have a rental car because I caught this on the AD show and was totally digging it. “Song of a Sinner” did the trick for me. I’m not a big Joanna Newsom fan but there’s some serious songwriting going down on “Good Intentions…,” and her voice has grown on me.

    Great mix. Thanks for the dl.

  6. Could you repost this mixtape? I’ve been dying to hear it but it’s on the fritz…

  7. Desperately want to download this mix but the mediafire link is no longer working. Anyone have a new link for this????

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