Futurebirds :: The AD Interview (SXSW 2010) 48 Hours/Five Shows

In the span of 48 hours I managed to catch five Futurebirds shows during SXSW: the band's official showcase, several day parties and a crazed, impromptu, house party somewhere off South Congress. These guys are, in a word, the truth. As I mentioned last Fall, Futurebirds inhabit a space somewhere in between Tennessee Fire era MMJ, a cornbread-fed Spiritualized and Goose Creek Symphony. And as for the lo-fi aesthetic of the EP? It did nothing to prepare me for the live show.

After the jump, AD catches up with Futurebirds' Daniel Womack, Thomas Johnson, Dennis Love, Brannen Miles, Payton Bradford and Carter King   just prior to the band's performance at the 40 Watt day party.

MP3: Futurebirds :: Dirty D

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