Our erratic SXSW coverage continues….below, a chat with Austin Fisher of the Brooklyn based Suckers. A relatively new outfit, whose debut LP, Wild Smile, is set to drop June 8th on French Kiss Records, Suckers are presently gearing up for a two-month national tour with Local Natives. Words/MP3 after the jump…

Aquarium Drunkard: You have an EP out on IAMSOUND, and have wrapped up a full length, you’re debuting new material…

Austin: We put out the EP last spring, we recorded it ourselves in three days with Chris Moore and Anand Wilder of Yeasayer and that got the ball rolling. This past fall we started recording our debut with Chris Zane and we just finished it a few weeks ago, mastering is all done.

AD: How’s the new material feeling live? Do you feel comfortable with it, and how has the response to been to a crowd that may not know you too well.

Austin: Well, no one really knows us anyway. It doesn’t really make a difference. In New York we have friends who come to our shows but we play in Austin or like, Atlanta, not everyone in the crowd knows our songs. We wrote a bunch of songs and went on tour with it last fall and toured it and then went into the studio, so we’re a bit used to playing them by now.

AD: You’re a newer band – but having played SXSW last year and at Austin City Limits festival – the crowd may still not be hip to you guys yet, but you’ve had the Austin experience, have you learned anything that prepared you?

Austin: Try to keep limber and hydrate a lot, that kinda thing. It’s just stressful but fun.

AD: You’ve done five shows already, and have one more tomorrow…

Austin: People who do nine shows like Local Natives, I don’t even understand, that sounds like punishment.

AD: You’ve played a whole bunch, you’ve been able to keep up enough energy to get through it, you’re about to release a full-length – you’re year is still young. What do you hope the reaction is, what do you want out of this year?

Austin: I want people to be excited about it. As excited as we were to make it. It’s what everyone wants – we just hope people enjoy it, what more can you ask.

AD: You’re a band where everyone on stage is doing multiple things. How has it been translating the material you write to a live setting. How confident are you with it and how have you seen it evolve.

Austin: We write altogether just in our studio, improvising. In terms of multi-tasking, it just something we kind of do naturally for some reason. In terms of translating, we were kind of doing that in the first place, translated it into a studio thing, and change things on the road and do what we were intending to do in the first place.

AD: Any bands you’ve seen at SXSW, or wanted to see?

Austin: I haven’t gotten to see as much as I want. I love our buddies Bear In Heaven, haven’t seen them in a while. Our friend Cameron Hull, he’s really amazing. words/ b kramer

MP3: Suckers :: Black Sheep

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