Hush Arbors :: Yankee Reality/Sugar Mountain

Hush Arbors -- Yankee Reality

It’s April—we’re now a good bit into 2010. Being so I’ve been thinking about, and digging into, the slew of sleeper albums from 2009 that I either missed entirely, or was hipped to shortly before the end of the the year. Hush Arbors latest LP, Yankee Reality, falls into the latter category. Produced by J. Mascis, and released via Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace imprint, Yankee Reality continues in the vein of ’08s s/t LP (read: fuller sound) yet one-ups it in terms of overall quality and continuity. Not to be dismissed as just another addition to the ’00s take on the mellow/crazyhorse canyon vibe.

MP3: Hush Arbors :: Fast Asleep
MP3: Hush Arbors :: So They Say

MP3: Hush Arbors :: Sugar Mountain (cover)

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3 thoughts on “Hush Arbors :: Yankee Reality/Sugar Mountain

  1. Justin:

    Have you listened to his self-titled album from 2008? I prefer it over Yankee Reality. Check out the tracks “Rue Hollow” and “Follow Closely”

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