Jack Nitzsche :: The Lonely Surfer

Most (if not all) of you reading this know a thing or two about the names Phil Spector and Neil Young. But I would wager that the immediate name recognition of Jack Nitzsche, a pivotal force in behind both artists, ranks much lower. Studio wizard/producer, arranger and songwriter, Nitzsche released his own sort of ‘surf’ album in 1963—yet one that was a far cry from the surf rock coming out of a.m. radio at the time. Jan & Dean this is not.

MP3: Jack Nitzsche :: The Lonely Surfer

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9 thoughts on “Jack Nitzsche :: The Lonely Surfer

  1. glad to see him getting some love here. check out the soundtrack to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest…he did it, some cool stuff on there.

  2. glad to see him getting some love here

    Ditto. Oddly enough, the first time I heard Jack Nitzsche’s name was in a book of “outsider music,” though he’s far too talented for that.

  3. Freaking brilliant Album. Brilliant man. This is just one example of the wide scope of the Surf genre that so few people realize. So Glad to see Nitzsche getting some recognition.

  4. my first introduction to nitzsche was on AD’s LA Burnout Comp

    thanks for this one, as well!

  5. Nitzsche was an incredible arranger. The Last Race and his version of Link Wray’s Rumble are also recommended.

  6. So, I’m doing a mix of songs for a website along the lines of surfer music. I really like the gritty character of things like Dick Dale’s Miserlou. Also interested in things with lots of texture instead of the bland Jan Dean Surf City stuff. Anyone have any ideas? Also where can I find The Lonely Surfer Record?

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