Speaking of rockabilly Sci-Fi freakouts and left-of-center surf rock jams, try Gene & The Esquires’ “Space Race” on for size. Set the controls and ease back for blastoff.

MP3: Gene & The Esquires :: Space Race

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7 Responses to “Gene & The Esquires :: Space Race”

  1. Cool song. Just as a note your flash mp3 player rarely works even when the mp3 link is just fine. Does anyone else have this problem?


  3. @Alex – yeah, major problems w/ the media player. working on a fix

    @lemon_sun – thanks again for the big time recc!

  4. Loved this and I’m looking for more info about the band. Can’t find it.

  5. I’ve love this track for a long time now…it used to be an important piece of my DJ set back when I had a regular one in the late 90’s. It went loosely like this: http://8tracks.com/stupefaction/stupefactions-8tracks-mix

  6. what is the source for this photo?

  7. The beginning sounds just like the sound the Pixelator machine makes with Mike TV in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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