Radar Bros. or Radar Brothers, the group’s focal point has, and always will be, Jim Putnam. Just prior to SXSW we caught up with the re-tooled, and newly christened, “Brothers” for an Aquarium Drunkard session at bassist Be Hussey’s Glendale studio. The band worked through four tracks off their new Merge Records release The Illustrated Garden, which has quickly, and without a doubt, become my favorite Radar Bros. release in years. I’m airing the session this Friday on my SIRIUS XMU show but you get the sneak peak below.

MP3: Radar Brothers :: And The Birds (AD Session)
MP3: Radar Brothers :: Quarry (AD Session)
MP3: Radar Brothers :: Dear Headlights (AD Session)
MP3: Radar Brothers :: Horses Warriors (AD Session)

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4 Responses to “Radar Brothers :: Aquarium Drunkard Session”

  1. great set. thanks for inviting me down to witness it.

  2. I am a big fan of this band. Good to see that they have new material.

  3. […] at bassist Be Hussey’s Glendale, CA studio. The session will air on Sirius XM and you can stream it […]

  4. Breaking out the Ryan Adams home-movies style effects with the lightning eyes. I like…

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