Next Tuesday night, April 27th, Aquarium Drunkard presents Dr. Dog at the Henry Fonda Theater with special guests Deer Tick. We’re giving away four pairs of tickets for the show. To enter for a pair: in the comments below leave your name (and an email address we can reach you at) along with your most listened to Dr. Dog LP (not including Shame, Shame).

MP3: Dr. Dog :: Shadow People

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37 Responses to “AD Presents :: Dr. Dog/Deer Tick @ The Henry Fonda April 27th”

  1. Fate

  2. Love both bands. “Fate”is my listened to LP.

  3. i do enjoy ‘fate’ as well. would love to catch this show!

  4. i’m still all strung out over we all belong.

  5. “Fate” is my windows down, warm weather album of choice.

  6. Gotta go with Toothbrush — whole album is solid, but the song that really got me hooked was County Line. Thanks!

  7. Probably We All Belong, but Fate would be a close 2nd.

  8. We All Belong!

  9. Passed Away, Vol. 1

  10. We All Belong, if I had to choose.

  11. Fate is my most listened to LP of DR DOG’s

  12. Fate ….. but “We all belong” is a close 2nd.

  13. We All Belong

  14. We All Belong, Fate second

  15. Easy Beat.

  16. Gotta say Toothbrush if I had to choose, but love them all.

  17. Definitely Fate ahh soo good

  18. “We All Belong”…..favorite, “Takers and Leavers”…a close second..

  19. faaaate!

  20. That is a kick ass poster for a kick ass band. Loves me some Dr.

  21. We All Belong! A paradigm shifter!

  22. FATE

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  24. Fate

  25. Fate, but Easy Beat is a close 2nd.

  26. Fate, definitely!

  27. WE ALL BELONG fo shiz!!

  28. EasyBeat

  29. Fate.

  30. shame, shame might already be up among my most listened! I do love “Fate” though. This show should be awesome

  31. Fate…has a funny way…of cooooming arrouuuund!

  32. We All Belong

  33. Easy Beat – 1st album of theirs i had heard; flew up to portland for the 1st annual NW Fest and stayed a day later to see them when they were touring w/ Elvis Perkins. it was a sparse turnout but it was glorious to sing Wake Up with all 7 people in the crowd for the encore.

  34. Happen to be in LA and looking forward to the show… gonna be sweeeeeet.

  35. I would have to go with FATE… because it’s FATE for me to go to this show before I move to NYC this weekend and sadly leave L.A. behind… but apparently was NOT fate for me to get tickets on ticketmaster : (

  36. i think it might be Fate, i remember buying it in new york on a trip and listening to it constantly the whole time there, but easy beat or we all belong would be a close second

  37. Fate, I need these tickets! Please! pretty pretty please!

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