Poet, lover, troubadour, heartbreaker, songsmith…Memphian. Harlan T. Bobo’s third LP, Sucker, was released last week on Goner Records. We previewed the album’s final track, the Franco-phile”Mlle-Chatte,” in February. Courtesy of the label, here is a second taste entitled “Hamster In A Cage.

ALSO: The streaming mp3 player should FINALLY work!! Please leave a comment saying it does (or does not) below if you have run into issues in the past.

MP3: Harlan T. Bobo :: Hamster in a Cage

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3 Responses to “Harlan T. Bobo :: Hamster in a Cage”

  1. The streaming sounds just fine AD, Nice tune, Ive really been loving the guest mixtapes lately by the way, keep up the great work.

  2. Yep, seems to be operational.

    Oh, and I should take this opportunity to applaud the site, just in general. I don’t comment much, but I do think this is the best music blog around.

  3. Not feeling this record as much as his first two.

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