Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Cold Splinters, A Mixtape

Welcome to the fourth installment of an irregular series in which I highlight some of my favorite voices online and beyond. Thus far we’ve featured sets by Raven Sings The Blues, Ponytone and, most recently, L.A.’s Turquoise Wisdom. Today we head back east, to Brooklyn, to catch up with Cold Splinters’ Jeff Thrope. Cold Splinters, as all the best blogs do, excels in creating an entire world within its digital framework. Aesthetically it resides somewhere between 1974 and 2010. Riffing on everything from discontinued climbing gear and forgotten trail heads, to Keith and Donna Jean Godchaux, CS is a daily read.   Consider Cold Splinters, the mixtape, its aural counterpart.

Thrope is my guest this Friday during the second hour of my SIRIUS XMU show. Grab this mix, bookmark his site and if you’re in Brooklyn, do check our his new recording/performing project Ocotillo.

After the jump…Cold Splinters — A Mixtape.


Download: Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Cold Splinters, A Mixtape (zipped folder 97MB)

Side A:
Dump The Dog – Loudon Wainwright
Bluebird – Bonnie Raitt
Sally Goodin – Heron
The Wheel – Jerry Garcia
Hometown Blues – Tom Petty
Song For the North Star – Jorma Kaukonen
Gone At Last (Demo Version) – Paul Simon
Rolling Thunder (Shoshone Invocation) – Mickey Hart
The Good Book – Melanie

Side B:
Big Barn Bed – Paul McCartney
Cast The First Stone – Tom Fogerty
As We Go Along – The Monkees
Think About It – Fleetwood Mac
When Night Falls – Medicine Head
Corinna – Taj Mahal
Dirge – Bob Dylan
Saint Dominic’s Preview – Van Morrison
Sundown In Mexico – Nicky Hopkins

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17 thoughts on “Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Cold Splinters, A Mixtape

  1. Wow, but that’s some strong medicine for my draggin’-ass Wednesday! Just like having a friend spin some vinyl while I plug away at work… Thanks TONS!

  2. Really looking forward to this but can’t get it to download anything but a little 45 kb file with nothing inside! Has this been removed already?

  3. Putting this one in rotation for sure. Nice picks
    @Jen, make sure you don’t ‘right-click and save as’ the link above. Just click it and follow to the next page..

  4. Best mixtape ever. Would make a good soundtrack to the movie Old Joy, which Will Oldham acts in. Also has been a AquaDrunk Post, and has a YLT soundtrack.

  5. CS is linking to this since your ‘Trail mix’ is live on his site. Any way that, in light/honor of that, you would please consider re-upping this?

  6. I didn’t listen to this mix but twice when it came out, but am obsessed with it right now in Cape Town’s summer. Somehow it started playing on my computer recently (the hipster ghost in the machine, I guess) and it caught me off guard. Melanie, Medicine Head, and Van Morrison’s songs are the ones I can’t help but put on repeat. When I let the whole album run the whole mix flows like golden honey slipping into hot Rooibos, ending in the arresting Sundown in Mexico. Lekker.

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