Tommy Womack :: The Replacements

On his third solo record, 2002’s Circus Town, Tommy Womack, former member of the Bis-Quits/Government Cheese, recorded this sprawling paean to the Replacements. The song is full of allusions to classic rock tropes – album titles are incorporated as adjectives, and a full-on Dylan impression erupts at one point. But gently, lovingly, just as all the best stories are told, Womack winds out an Odyssian tale of coming to adore the band that made him “drive home white-knuckle, straitjacket, dumb-ass blind…the greatest rock and roll band I ever did hear.”

Elsewhere: AD’s J. Neas recently guested in a podcast discussion about the ‘Mats over at Uncensored Interview. He and host Courtney Smith spend close to an hour working through the Replacements’ career and discuss the ups, downs, and various hilarious anecdotes of the band. Check it out here.

MP3: Tommy Womack :: The Replacements

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9 thoughts on “Tommy Womack :: The Replacements

  1. Possibly the best line in rock and roll history:

    “like crawling inside of Exile on Main St. and pulling Nevermind The Bollocks up to your chin like a sonic quilt.”

    The Replacements (the song) is better than any book or blog about my favorite band.

    Not only is Tommy Womack a talented songwriter, he’s a helluva nice guy to boot. Thanks for giving this song some face time.

  2. Hey Josh- That was a great podcast at Uncensored Interview– Thanks for the link. I could listen to that kind of talk all day! I was wondering if you guys were gonna talk more about “Bash and Pop”, which I’ve found to really hold up over time– great production and a handful of real winners among the other pretty solid stuff.

  3. @JK – Thanks for the kind words. Believe me, Courtney kind of rushed me through the after-‘Mats stuff, so I didn’t get a chance to wax rhapsodic about my two favorite non-Westerberg post-‘Mats releases – Bash and Pop’s Friday Night Is Killing Me and both of Slim Dunlap’s solo records. Friday Night.. stacks up with some of the best of Paul’s work and Slim’s two albums are just great, Stones-esque rock and roll records that are repeatedly fun and warm listens.

  4. The Replacements

    I am looking everywhere for this song and cant find it.
    Is it still available on CD?

    Do’s no one like Chirs Mars first and second cd’s?

    It is a good idea to re-visit Tim every 6-12 Months. It used to be my 3rd fav on the list of Replacement albums but now it sitting pretty at #1. One foot in the main stream and one foot in the gutter.

  5. @Jim D – Don’t know about physical CD, but the album it’s from, Tommy Womack’s Circus Town, is available for digital download via eMusic at least.

    As for Mars’ solo stuff, I like the first three. The fourth one is a bit less interesting, but there’s a lot to like on his solo albums. I need to write-up some of Slim Dunlap’s solo stuff sometime. That’s good, fun music.

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