A New Kind of Mambo :: Volumes One Through Nineteen

In 2010 it’s all too easy to lament the state of the music industry, with its declining album sales, record store closures, etc.   I miss that stuff too, but also firmly believe that for non-complacent, hungry music lovers–for the heads with a sense of history–we are living in a very, very exciting time.

As I’ve stated multiple times in the past, the best compilations being released/traded these days are of the bootleg variety—read: the non-sanctioned ones. It seems in the last couple of years I am blown away, literally, every few weeks by another fan-curated collection ranging from obscure soul to regional post-punk. Often spanning multiple volumes, these, more often than not, are very high quality audio rips complete with artwork, detailed notes, photos and a sense of why the fan/curator loves the music in question so much.

I mention this, as a couple of weeks ago, I happened upon an nineteen volume (at time of posting) compilation over at the blog the Twilight Zone meticulously put together by a mysterious Johnny Q. The focus of the series is highlighting old r&b, soul, rock n roll, wavy gravy, blues, obscure garage and rockabilly that all shared a common love of the caliente beat. Eclectic and immeasurably cool, this series will no doubt soundtrack my summer. After the jump I’m linking to the original posts for each volume. Get on these before they disappear and a big High five to this Johnny Q.

In the comments: We’ve all have stumbled upon unofficial comps that have quickly become favorites. Please share your discoveries with the readers in the comments below.

A New Kind of Mambo: Volumes One Through Nineteen

+ “ROMPIN’ RHUMBAS” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 1
+ “HAVANA HOP” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 2
+ “JUNGLE DREAMS” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 3
+ “HEY SENORITA” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 4
+ “MAMBO DIABLO” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 5
+ “TEQUILA SLAMMERS” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 6
+ “LOUISIANA 3 AM” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 7
+ “LOOSE CABOOSE” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 8
+ “CRAZY BLUES” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 9
+ “NITTY GRITTY” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 10
+ “SHUFFLIN’ HUNGARIANS” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 11
+ “DYNAMITE AT MIDNIGHT” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 12
+ “TOO MUCH TEQUILA” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 14
+ “WHY WAIT” A New Kind Of Mambo – Vol. 15
+ “SHOWSTOPPIN’ BOOGALOO” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 16
+ “MEXICALI BABY” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 17
+   LOVE CHARMS” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 18
+ “CHA CHA LA NEGRA” A New Kind Of Mambo Vol. 19

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25 thoughts on “A New Kind of Mambo :: Volumes One Through Nineteen

  1. Which ones are the best? Anyone got a read on where to start with this? I’m still reeling from all of the Mississippi Records Tape Series that I was turned on to here. Thanks, as always, for pointing out all of this fantastic stuff.

  2. I know that Rounder is not what anyone would call unofficial, but I have several of their compilations (25 years of bluegrass, cajun and zydeco, etc), that are amazing. Furthermore, these comps have turned me on to music I may otherwise not have been exposed to. I know that some of these were never for sale, so maybe they are unofficial?

  3. All the Mininal Synth Flexipop compilations are pretty awesome. Does anyone know of some good soul comps?

  4. Honored to see my ‘1981’ set mentioned here–and happy, because it lead me to these other great series. These are surely the great days of obsession-derived fan compilations!

  5. Uh, how do you download or listen to these? I don’t see a lin that works? Thanks.

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