Yuzo Kayama :: Black Sand Beach/Violet Sky

Google the name Yuzo Kayama and you’ll note that he’s “a Japanese popular musician and film star born in 1937. His father, Ken Uehara, was one of the most popular film stars in Japan during the 1930s.   Yuzo himself became one of Japan’s biggest stars of the 1960s in the Wakadaishō, or Young Guy film series, as an actor.”   In short, Kayama was what you’d call a renaissance man. But in the span of   the double header that is “Black Sand Beach” and “Violet Sky” none of that matters. Ease back and dig the following Japanese psych-surf jams from 1964.

MP3: Yuzo Kayama :: Black Sand Beach
MP3: Yuzo Kayama :: Violet Sky

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8 thoughts on “Yuzo Kayama :: Black Sand Beach/Violet Sky

  1. i knew i recognized his face- he plays the young protégé in kurosawa’s red beard.

    these tracks are DOPE. thanks for the heads-up, AD!

  2. I got a hold of the 10 album LP Black Sand Beach….so sick. Thanks for pointing me in this direction.

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